A Visitor Management system by ControlPoint International Ltd

About the "VisitorToSeeYou" Visitor Management System

In a direct response to the 2020 COVID-19 threat, the ControlPoint International development team prioritised the build and release of a Visitor Management System.

The brief was simple and summarised to three general requirements:
  1. Legal - It needed to satisfy workplace visitor Health and Safety requirements.
  2. Government Track and Trace - It needed to compliment any Government sponsored COVID-19 Track and Trace initiatives.
  3. Customisable - It needed to be as simple or as comprehensive as the Workplace User chooses.

  • Contactless Sign-in option - Your Visitors can Sign-in to your Site or Business with a computer or tablet you provide at reception or via their own cellphone or tablet.
  • Contact Tracing - At any time and with the click of a button, you can get a Sign-in Activity/Evacuation Report for your Site.
  • Carparking - Option to capture visitor carparking details.
  • Notify your Staff - Option to enable staff notification emails when their visitors arrive.
  • Health and Safety Documentation - Option to include company Health and Safety documentation.
  • Sign-in Conditions - Option to add Sign-in Conditions.

If you need more information, please just email

VisitorToSeeYou is a replacement for your visitor sign-in book. Visitors can sign-in to your Site with a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer located at your reception or with their own cellphone or tablet.
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